Real estate credit: interest rates slightly down in March


Few movements on the front of fixed property rates . The ” general trend is to stability ” with regard to the latest letter published by the online broker. However, this quasi status quo, after several months of decline, does not augur a turnaround for several reasons.


Indicative Rates

Indicative Rates

Firstly, because slight declines of around 0.05% are still recorded over ten years, 20 years and even 30 years. Second, rates, whether they have changed or not, continue to settle at historically low levels. The 15-year and 20-year reference periods are respectively 3.05% and 3.40%. And these are indicative rates, ” higher than the market reality “. In other words, prospective buyers can obtain ” additional haircuts ” and negotiate rates ” below 3% over 15 years and around 3.15% / 3.20% over 20 years “.

Third reason, the month of April should not record ” major changes “. On the one hand, because the French banks ” continue to benefit from particularly attractive borrowing conditions ” that they then pass on their scales.

On the other hand, because the month of April, traditionally marked by trade shows, constitutes a significant period in terms of production of mortgage loans.  A bank that decides to raise its rates would automatically go offside, at the risk of losing significant market shares compared to its very active and well-positioned competitors, ” said Maël Bernier, spokesman for The broker’s watchword is clear: for borrowers who can, it’s clearly the ” buy time “.

Market Trends

Market Trends

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